Which coffees are there – 12 different coffee types explained

Where you used to simply get a “coffee a when you ordered a coffee, nowadays you can order and prepare the world with different types of coffee. Do you like strong, spicy, sweet, with or without foam? There is a coffee That suits you for all taste preferences! An espresso For Those who love the taste of the coffee. An americano Suitable for enjoying simple things in life. And the sweet combination of milk and coffee offerings even more ways to enjoy it, with an optimal effect for your taste buds. What is your favorite? Discover the coffee That suits you. That is why in this guide we will explain the different coffee types and how you make them. After reading this article you will not be confused when you have to make a choice in your local cafe.

Coffee types:


An espresso is a concentrated coffee and its preparation varies by region, but usefull personal taste. You make a single espresso with about 7 grams of coffee, with the right pressure at 22.5 to 27.5 seconds. With this you pit 25-30 ml. coffee. The espresso must be around 67 ° C. When it flows out of the machine. 
The result:  A delicious sip For Those who love the taste of coffee.


A doppio is simply a double espresso. Therefore This is set in the same way as an espresso coffee, but then two times. 
The result:boost for hard workers who Realize That a shot is not enough.


A ristretto is an even smaller shot of coffee than the espresso. We speak of a short espresso if the coffee contains few mls. The extraction time (brewing time) remains the same as with an espresso. You set the ristretto in the same way as an espresso but with less water, Namely about 15 ml. 
The result: A coffee shot for the real powerhouses.


The americano Owes its name to the American soldiers stationed in Italy after World War II and aanlengden Their espresso with hot water. By adding about 30 ml of hot water to your espresso coffee is lighter. 
The result: A coffee That complements the simple enjoyment.


Lungo, Italian for ‘long coffee’, lapels to the time required to make an espresso with more water (about 1.5 to 2 times). The amount of coffee, about 7 grams, is the same as espresso. A lungo is richer (and sometimes bitter) than an americano. Because all the hot water passes through the coffee grounds at a lungo.
The result: A rich coffee, Suitable for any time of the day.


The affogato is between a drink and a dessert. It’s a delicious combination of hot coffee and cold ice. For this, you create a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a glass of 200 ml. Then you put a double espresso directly into the glass with ice.
The result: A treat for Those Who love coffee less than ice cream.


Cappuccino is the most famous Italian specialty coffee with milk. The coffee has a creamy texture and foam or is perfect for baristas to make into beautiful figurines. You make a cappuccino by putting a single espresso coffee (15 to 45 ml) in a cup of 150 to 180 ml. Next, 150 ml of milk foam in a container or 300 ml. Finally, pour the frothed milk over the espresso.                                      The result: A mild coffee or honey.

Flat white

The flat white was born in Australia and New Zealand and has a thinner cappuccino with frothed milk. It is usually prepared with a double espresso-making coffee aroma is stronger. You pour the double espresso in a 180 ml cup. Then foam 150 ml milk in a container of 300 ml, but there is less air to work in than a cappuccino (before playing with the nozzle position). Finally, you pour the frothed milk over the double espresso.
The result: A slightly stronger coffee for the same honey.


A caffè latte, also called a latte, is basically the same as a flat white, but in a larger cup. For this, you put a single or double espresso in a cup of 200 to 300 ml, depending on the desired strength. Then foam 250ml milk in a container of 600 ml, in the same way as for the flat white. Finally, you pour the frothed milk on the (double) espresso.
The result: A coffee without risk, perfect for doubters.

Latte macchiato

Where the lattes were a variation on the flat white, latte macchiato is another variation on the caffè latte (you know yet? Him). Here, the espresso coffee, however, is poured into the foamed milk, rather than the other. You lather first 250 to 300 ml of milk in a container of 600 ml and pours it into a glass. Then turn your espresso into a jug. Finally, you pour the espresso gently into the glass. The coffee served in a tall glass, you can see the different layers in the coffee very nice emerge. 
The result: A picture worthy coffee, perfect for candy asses.


Macchiato in Italian means literally ‘spotted’ and holds an espresso with milk foam layer. To do this, an espresso in a glass of 90 ml. Then a little milk froth in a small jug. Finally, put two tablespoons of frothed milk to espresso. 
The result: A mild coffee for those who hates foam mustaches.


A cortado is originally thinned an espresso coffee with hot milk. Nowadays the frothed milk which gives you a kind of small cappuccino with stronger coffee (the ratio is about one-third espresso and two-thirds milk). This put a cortado espresso in a glass of 90 ml. The foam then a little milk in a container of 300 ml. Finally, you pour the frothed milk into the espresso, until the glass is full.
The result: A small soft coffee for those who can not a cappuccino.


Finally, this is some list, I have tried my best to compile every coffee know to mankind. As you can see, there are tons of different coffee drinks out there ready for you to enjoy. I only wrote some of them. How many different coffee types have you tried? I have tried many of them and I know there are several on this list that I haven’t enjoyed yet. Go enjoy a cup.