Americano Coffee – What is Americano coffee and how do I make it

Espresso diluted with hot water. It may sound strange, but the Americano is a very popular type of coffee thanks to its soft and mild taste. Today, the Americano is especially popular among Americans. What is an Americano and how do you prepare the perfect Americano coffee? And what exactly is the difference between an Americano and a Lungo? 

what is americano coffee

The Coffee Americano

An Americano consists of espresso, diluted with an equal amount of hot water. Thanks to its soft and mild tones, the taste that is created in this way is reminiscent of filter coffee. In terms of strength, Americano coffee and filter coffee are very close to each other. The Americano is larger in volume than an espresso, so you can enjoy your cup longer.

what is americano coffee

Where does the Americano come from?

The name of this coffee suggests that both the drink and its history are directly related ti the United States. Although the American-Spanish term “Americano” became popular onlu in the 1970s, the world famous hot drink existed many decades earlier.

The Americano owes its name to the brew that American soldiers drank in Italy during the Second World War. The traditional Italian espressos proved too strong for the soldiers, who were used to the softer American coffees. By mixing the espressos with water, a taste was created that reminded them of home. The Americano was born!

The Coffee Americano is the classic espresso bar and cafe beverage. It is the practical alternative for those who prefer a large amount, but do not want to miss out on the unique taste experience of an espresso.

Since the Coffee Americano contains the same amount of acid and caffeine as an ordinary espresso – after all, only tap water is refilled – it tastes less strong than his little brother. Especially after dinner so an excellent alternative to classic coffee.

what is americano coffee

The preparation of an original Americano

At first, the preparation of a Coffee Americano sounds very simple: cook espresso, add hot water. No complicated enrichment with milk as with a latte macchiato or milk foam as with a cappuccino. However, if you want to make a real Coffee Americano, you don’t only have to use the right ingredients but also follow the correct order.


At the beginning, the preparation is analogous to that of an espresso. Here are especially the famous 5  to note

  • Mix and bean choice
  • Amount of powder
  • Freeness
  • Machine
  • Human

About 7 grams (+/- 0.5 grams) of finely ground espresso should suffice here.

Water enrichment

If you have an espresso machine, you can fill the water directly into the associated tank. You should care to take here the optimal brewing temperature and maintain approximately. For espresso, this is between 90-94 degrees Celsius.


Afterward, you can brew the coffee and do it with a machine or by hand.

Important: Do not put the coffee into an espresso cup, as this will cause water to accumulate later.


When you finished cooking the coffee, the additional you can add hot water. You can heat in a pot or obtain through a separate hot water spout on the espresso machine. An original Caffè Americano has a mixing ratio of 1: 1. Of course, you can deviate it from personal preference.

By the way

Espresso is also great for making the famous “long black”. Three and four only steps reverse here. So first fill hot water in the desired ratio in the coffee cup, then add the espresso. So the crema is perfectly preserved.

what is americano coffee

Recommendations for a delicious Coffee Americano

As for any coffee specialty, high-quality coffee beans are of course the basic requirement for the Americano. If you add water after brewing, of course, the coffee must not lose its aroma. We recommend coffees whose intensity can be reduced without having to compromise on the delicious aroma.

Americano vs Lungo: the differences

Americano coffee and Coffee Lungo are two types of coffee that are regularly mixed. Both an Americano and a Lungo consist of espresso mixed with water. Yet they differ in preparation method and taste.

A Lungo – the Italian word for “long” – requires a longer extraction process than an Americano. In fact, a Lungo is a ‘stretched espresso’. Wherewith the Americano water is added to the espresso, with a Lungo the water is pulled through the espresso while brewing. The result is a stronger coffee taste and a higher dose of caffeine than with an Americano or regular espresso. A Lungo is, therefore, stronger and more bitter in taste than the mild Americano.

Although an Americano is a favorite for many Americans, this coffee can be too watery or mild for Dutch people who are often used to stronger coffee. Do you want a nice big cup of coffee with a somewhat stronger taste? Then the Lungo is a good alternative.offee