What is a lungo

The name actually explains a bit. A Coffee Lungo, or ‘long coffee’ is a type of coffee with a long extraction process. It is therefore sometimes called a ‘stretched espresso’. But how do you make a Lungo exactly? And which coffee beans do you use for the perfect Lungo coffee?

what is a lungo

What is a Lungo

You can see a it as a ‘stretched espresso ‘. The method of preparation largely corresponds to that of espresso, with the same amount of coffee but a larger amount of water. For a Lungo coffee is usually twice as much water used as for espresso. This means that it has a longer extraction process after all, it takes longer for all the water to be squeezed through the coffee. This longer extraction process ensures that more components of the coffee are absorbed by the water. The result is a stronger, more bitter taste and a larger dose of caffeine per cup.

A Lungo is larger in volume than espresso and is therefore served in a larger cup. A good choice for the experienced coffee drinker who prefers a full cup of coffee over an espresso shot. Although it differs greatly in taste from an Americano, these coffees are regularly confused with each other.

what is a lungo

This is how you make the perfect Lungo coffee in 4 steps

Making a Lungo coffee takes longer than preparing an espresso. View the step-by-step plan below for preparing the perfect Lungo.


Coffee cup Preheat your coffee cup. This way your Lungo stays at the right temperature after setting.

Grinding coffee

To prevent over-extraction and a too bitter taste, the coffee beans must be ground more roughly than with an espresso.


Put a delicious lungo coffee with your coffee. Making a Lungo coffee takes longer than preparing an espresso. You actually make an espresso with a double amount of water.

Serving Lungo

Serve a delicious lungo coffee.

Which beans are best for your Lungo coffee

The basis for a good Lungo are Arabica and Robusta beans with a subtle character. In addition to loose beans, you can also opt for capsules with elegant flavor combinations, specially selected for the perfect Lungo coffee.

Taste of lungo

A lungo is, therefore, less strong but contains more bitters. Extra water runs through the ground coffee so that more substances are dissolved that would not normally be extracted. This is called over-extraction. Over-extraction often does not benefit the taste. It is not easy to make good lungo, but there is a second method. Namely by making the grinding grade a little coarser.

Difference between lungo and americano

With a lungo, the water flows through the ground coffee longer. This is in contrast to the americano where the hot water is served separately with the espresso. A lungo has a crema layer. An americano has no crema because it is broken after adding hot water. It is easier to make an americano than a lungo.