How many calories does a cup of coffee contain

Calories are a beloved feared topic for everyone who is concerned with his or her health. Of course, we want to help you to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee as healthy as possible. That is why we searched the world of coffee varieties for information about calories and other health effects. As always, we start from the beginning. What are calories and how much can you have?

What are calories

To name the first misunderstanding immediately; we often say calories, but mean the amount indicated with (kcal). The ‘k’ stands for 1,000 units. Where we talk about calories in this article, we mean the Kcal. Originally 1 calorie is the amount of energy needed to make 1 gram of water 1 degree warmer.

Unlike fats, there are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ calories. In addition, the number of calories that men and women consider the average responsible daily intake differs. A man is assumed to have 2,500 calories per day, while according to the rules, a woman suffices for 2,000 calories.

A final factor to take into account is the amount of 1 cup of coffee. To keep the comparisons pure, this article assumes a content of 250 milligrams per cup.

How many calories are there in regular coffee

You can drink a standard cup of coffee without worrying about calories. With 2.5 Kcal you will not drink fat. It does not matter in terms of calories whether you choose pre-ground or freshly ground coffee. You don’t have to miss the pleasure of a freshly ground coffee for your weight.

With that in mind, a cup of espresso with 20 Kcal has a little more influence. Incidentally, we must immediately note that a cup of espresso will naturally not have 250-milligram content.

Do you want sugar and milk with it

If you season the same cup of coffee with a cloud of milk and a lump (or 2) of sugar, it suddenly appears that the calories have multiplied with joy. Read on and don’t be shocked.
Most of us like to drink your coffee with milk. Then you add 12 to 15 calories per cup or cup to your cup of coffee. The exact amount depends on the brand of coffee milk.

Of course, a lump of sugar can add even more flavor. Do you use sugar? Then you can add 9.5 calories per lump. With milk and sugar, your coffee suddenly becomes 25 Kcal per cup. As you can calculate, a decaf is suddenly food for thought.

Do you want to spoil yourself with extra sugar and milk

Then you now know that a sugar cube leads to a bonus of 9.5 calories and an extra cup of milk adds another 15 calories.

Which health factors should you pay more attention to when drinking coffee

A cup of coffee – caffeine
In addition to the calories, coffee is of course known for caffeine. Research shows that adults can drink around 4 cups of coffee a day without noticing the negative effects of caffeine. For pregnant women, breastfeeding women and children under 18, the maximum recommended amount is 1 cup per day.

Another substance in coffee is cafestol. This can lead to a special type of calories; these can cause extra blockage of the blood vessels.

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