How to make coffee with an espresso machine

Espresso coffee, cappuccino, latte macchiato or lungo coffee in all its seductive forms has never been so popular. Enjoying a good boost, and preferably put in a snap is what we as or at most. At first, you might think that the home put a good cup of coffee is a big job. If you buy a good espresso, it turns out to actually be very simple. Easy, if you are in a hurry in the morning and quickly want to drink a cup of coffee. But how do you make a good cup of coffee with some espresso?

Espresso machines can be divided into semi-automatic and fully automatic. The difference between synthesis machinery has complete control over the brewing process your coffee to the control you leave the machine itself. If you want to keep control the brewing process itself you’re talking about a semi-automatic, also called piston machine. Regularly If you need a cup of coffee and do not wish for any cup busy, then you get better coffee with a fully automatic.

Which coffee for espresso

You have an expensive espresso stand on your countertop and want to put the best and most delicious coffees along. But whatever beans you actually need it for? There’s coffee in many different qualities. This is among other things determined by the coffee variety, the picking and drying method, the surf and the packaging. That you understand coffee of high quality is better for your espresso or coffee with lesser quality.

Arabica vs. Robusta coffee

Coffee beans come from different coffee varieties. The most famous coffees are Arabica and Robusta. The Arabica bean is larger than the Robusta it contains less caffeine. The Robusta bean is harder than the Arabica How many followers recommended the Arabica beans in most cases Because They are better for your espresso machine and grinding discs show less wear. 


In Addition, the Robusta bean has a greasy layer ook How many followers can be a danger to your coffee. The inside of your machine can become clogged because if you use a lot of Robusta. Of course, there are Robusta beans quality, giving you fine Robusta coffee can set if you prefer.

Coffee without stones

Some coffees, particularly the cheaper blends, the more likely you will find stones among the coffee beans. These stones come from the plantations. Normally thesis will be filtered during picking and otherwise by the roaster. This process is very labor-intensive and requires intensive care and craftsmanship. Coffee beans of higher quality (and price) are better for your engine Because You will not find any stones hereinbefore can grinding discs can affect.

Burning coffee

Note, finally, the branding of the coffee beans. Dark roasted coffee beans are crispier than lightly roasted coffee beans. Because they are so crisp, they are easier to grind. The light burned hard, somewhat chewy beans, the mill ook more trouble.

The best coffee beans

There is no unequivocal answer to the question of how many followers coffee beans you can use it best for your espresso. The coffee Waka Coffee are all in quality for your espresso. It is a matter of taste Which type of coffee for you is best. Do you enjoy mild and aromatic coffee? Then choose 100% Arabica coffee. Do you enjoy spicy flavor notes and more caffeine? Then choose a blend of Arabica and Robusta. Come into one of our stores and let your information. Come taste and discover the coffee That suits you!

Coffee with a fully automatic

The perfect cup of coffee you drink at home. And convenience is the man with a fully automatic. You set up the machine how you want to drink your coffee, you press the button, wait a few seconds and enjoy. You adjust the strength of your espresso or other coffee specialties easily by moving the coffee grind to coarse, medium or fine. Keep this in mind: the finer the particles, the stronger the flavor.

Coffee with a semi-automatic

With a semi-automatic can completely define the coffee’s taste. There are huge amount of possibilities in a semi-automatic. For example, you can adjust the grind to buy or water temperature. Below are useful the steps for making a cup of espresso coffee with a semi-automatic.

Make espresso:

  • Put the cups of coffee before the hot plate or your espresso, or fill the cups with hot water. Because When You do so is the coffee in a cold cup. The temperature of the coffee then decreases by 10 to 15 degrees, Eliminating the crema of the espresso.
  • Use clean and freshwater. Espresso Consists Mainly, or 93 to 97 percent water. Baristas or at use bottled water. Explore and experiment with yourself what water you the best for your espresso.
  • Make sure you get the coffee grinds fine and let the coffee grounds fall into the piston. The goal is That You end up 25-30 ml of espresso are in 25-30 seconds. Most baristas use about 7 grams of ground coffee for espresso.
  • Press the ground coffee light (with a pressure of about 5 kg) with a tamper in the piston. Then remove your finger excess coffee lying on the edge of the piston. Do this again, but quite firm. The pressure you exert shouldering now be about 20 kilos.
  • Before you place the piston in the espresso machine, do a few seconds through the hot water. This is done so that any residual coffee will be removed from the last time.
  • After the piston loaded into the espresso machine, you Immediately start the engine. Measure the time and stop after 25 to 30 seconds. If everything is successful, you now have an espresso or Approximately 30 ml, with a mild to strong crema Arose Accompanied by a brown color.
  • 25 to 30 seconds? Yes. This time clock you from the moment you turn the espresso machine. Then you come out for 30 seconds. Measure from the moment you walk into your espresso cup, it is about 25 seconds.

As the saying goes: Practice makes perfect. That includes putting an espresso. By practicing a lot, try and taste discover yourself the best espresso or coffee specialties.