Bulletproof Coffee – The Original Ground Coffee Medium Roast

Bulletproof coffee benefits – The original is a light to medium roasted coffee with fruity aromatics, a hint of apples, cherries and vanilla that opens for a clear, balanced, sturdy coffee with undertones of caramel in a creamy finish.

bulletproof coffee is really the mother of all hot and healthy drinks. (1)

Taste and feel the difference

In addition to the delicious taste, Bulletproof offers you a way to turn your daily coffee routine into a daily health boost. You already take care of your body and mind. Take your health to a higher level with Bulletproof Coffee. The deeply well-designed to taste amazing with butter and Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil for the famous Bulletproof Coffee – a healthy buttered coffee that delivers powerful health benefits including increased focus, suppressed appetite, and lasting, solid energy. Many other coffees taste bitter when you put butter in it. Not this coffee, because Bulletproof built it for this purpose.

  • Feeling focused and energetic all day long, not nervous and cranky
  • Transform your daily coffee routine into a daily health promotion
  • You drink coffee every day - Why not choose the best?

Bulletproof is not your normal cup of coffee

Unlike the others, your day is upgraded by energizing your mind and body. It is the result of more than 10 years of research and efforts to develop and perfect the methods that reliably deliver superior taste and effects. This coffee does not leave you feeling nervous and cranky. It is supple and makes you feel good.

  • The smooth, thick taste surpasses the average coffee
  • Never Bitter - it's designed that way
  • Rich in antioxidants

Bulletproof The Original Whole Bean Coffee

How to make coffee, the Bulletproof way

Start by mixing your coffee with Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil and Grass-Fed Buffalo Milk Butter in a blender. It makes a creamy, delicious drink. The combination of high-quality coffee with high-quality healthy fats delivers fast, sustainable energy and a deep focus while supporting a regenerative antioxidant process. 

Even if you choose to bypass this method and drink the standard color of Bulletproof coffee – black or with cream, you will still experience a delicious, superior cup of coffee. If you combine your coffee with healthy fats, you can do the following:

  • Suppress your hunger
  • Get fast, sustainable, steady energy
  • Think more clearly

Take one cup of freshly brewed coffee (Dave Asprey, founder of Bulletproof, recommends French Press, but of course you can also use your coffee machine to make a large black cup of coffee)

Use 1 to 2 teaspoons of butter

Use 1 teaspoon of brain octane

Put all the ingredients in a blender and blend the substance for 30 seconds to make it a creamy and frothy mass

Drink Bulletproof Coffee instead of breakfast

Closed the carbohydrate-rich breakfast. Start your day with fat as a fuel. You will stay sharp and alert until lunch. Start your day with breakfast cereals, muesli, oatmeal, toast, fruit or any other carbohydrate-rich breakfast, lowering your blood sugar level. You get a quick energy boost, but mid-morning your blood sugar will crash and you will be hungry, tired and unfocused.

Starting your day with Bulletproof coffee blended with Brain Octane and Grass-Fed Buffalo Milk Butter will balance your hunger hormones and keep you full until lunch. The saturated fat in the ghee (butter) delays the absorption of caffeine, which even gives you a few hours of energy instead of a caffeine peak and a crash. No highest nervousness, either. With Octane Brain, you will enjoy more mental clarity because it quickly converts to ketones, a type of molecule that your brain uses more efficiently than carb or sugar. Couple ketones with the slowly released caffeine and you literally feel your brain turning on.

The popularity of Bulletproof Coffee is increasing

If you already have a low fat content or you are vegan, you can slowly increase fat consumption. You may also need digestive enzymes to help with the absorption into your body. Another important point is never to use sugar or sweeteners, whatever they say. You are already sweet enough of yourself.

Quality is important

Just like the food that you put into your body, the quality of your coffee is important. Tight coffee can expel your energy and harm your performance. Because it is hard to say how beans are grown, stored and processed (even if they are organic), Bulletproof decided to grow and process their own coffee. This is how their beans are different:

  • Location - Bulletproof Certified Clean Coffee is of high-altitude, Rainforest Association certified, single-origin coffee estates in Guatemala and Colombia.
  • Quality - Bulletproof Beans are kept to strict quality standards with special purchasing and processing methods that minimize mold and other toxin contamination. This means that you can drink cup after cup without having to worry about the toxic mess in your coffee.
  • Taste - Bulletproof Beans are super high Arabica beans, which have a soft, strong taste. They will also develop mold less quickly.

The story behind the name: Bulletproof a real energy boost

The idea of ‘bulletproof coffee’ is not a new concept. It was brewed in 2004 by entrepreneur Dave Asprey as he traveled through Tibet. He suffered from altitude sickness and was given a cup of yak butter tea. After drinking it, he immediately felt refreshed and energized, as if a switch had been turned into his brain and body.
The Tibetans who live at high altitudes and on cold and rugged terrain discovered this biohack centuries ago, but without the coffee. But they did have a good idea to put together a healthy drink that keeps you warm and gives your body an energy boost.

Three essential components are needed for this energy boost. But first, you have to step over your fear of fats. Good fats don’t make you fat. In fact, they are even super important, especially if you are hormonal unbalanced. Your body simply needs saturated fats.