Fench Press: What is it and how to use it?

In the kitchen of some hostess, there are always many units that can facilitate the work of preparing food and beverages, as well as becoming a decor. This type of product can be attributed to, and the French press, today a popular kitchen appliance, is because it is compact and practical, and most importantly almost any family member will cope with it, no special skills are needed here.

how to use a french press

What is it and how to use a french press

A French press is designed to brew hot drinks: tea or coffee. It should immediately be noted that in this country, this kitchen appliance works mostly as a tea kettle, while in the United States, as well as in Europe, they want to utilize a French press to make fantastic coffee. However, it cannot fail to say that coffee prepared in such an unusual way will deviate from a strong drink that was brewed in a specially designed coffee maker or Turk.

how to use a french press


The description of the preparation of a drink with a French press is quite simple. So, in the beginning, it is necessary to pour tea (you can use varnish, granules, etc.) or ground coffee in a glass bottle in the kettle. After that, the dry substance must be poured with warm boiled water.

Immediately beginning to drink is not worth it. First, wait 5 minutes for the beverage to brew and the water is full of flavor, and then by means of the plunger, you must squeeze the unwanted sediment. To do this, it is necessary to press the plunger with the insert – it will fall down, and the sediment (coffee granules or tea leaves) will be hit at the bottom of the flask.

how to use a french press


Usually, a French press is a kind of kettle for brewing various types of beverages. Its design consists of several integrated elements:

  • glass bottles;
  • filter;
  • the piston (a special piston that is needed to press, it is equipped with a small handle that facilitates the process of operation).

If you study the device for this device in more detail, you may find that, regardless of the specific model of the device, French press has some universal properties that remain unchanged. For example, a glass bottle, which is the main container of a kitchen utensil, cannot change in diameter, but it is different in volume. Thus, we can note that the higher the kettle, the more capacity it is (and vice versa).

how to use a french press

The main glass container is usually located in a special case. The body can be made of different materials (eg metal or plastic). Kettles also have a lid, which ensures that you get the earliest brewing of tea or coffee. Attached to this cover is a piston that moves vertically and acts as a pressure to spin.

At the bottom of this piston (which in its essence is a common piston) there is a grid which acts as a filter, a small element made of steel, and a spring which is attached by a bolt.

how to use a french press

What is it for?

French press is used to make drinks: primarily, tea and coffee. To make coffee in this unit, you should follow a certain set of actions:

  • Boil water
  • Pour the coffee into a French press flask
  • Pour boiling water over coffee
  • Wait
  • Slowly lower the plunger to the bottom
  • Pour the drink into cups

The mechanism for making tea using this device is the same.

how to use a french press

Advantages and disadvantages

Although the kitchen appliance is quite popular among a wide range of consumers, a French press is not considered to be an ideal unit for making hot drinks. He has both positive and negative qualities. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of the French press in more detail. Initially, it should be noted that the number of benefits significantly exceeds the number of negative sides. The users often distinguish such positive properties from this type of kitchen appliance:

how to use a french press
  • Reasonable Price - Buying the French press can buy representatives of the most diverse social teams, with different income levels
  • Easy maintenance and maintenance - This property is especially important for housewives
  • There is no sediment in the beverage - This feature of the French press is due to the presence of a metal filter that effectively manages its task
  • Density - the unit will fit even at least the kitchen, will not take up much space and touch it
  • Drink Variability - Not only that with the device, you can brew both tea and coffee, so you can also adjust the strength of the drink you want

However, despite the positive properties, this unit also has negative properties. These include:

  • Fragile material - the glass is quite easy to break, scratch or damage, so the device requires a careful attitude
  • Mechanical operation principle: the process of making a drink is done through human effort, not automatically
  • The French press has no function of heating the water, therefore you need several household appliances to drink and it will not be able to keep the hot drink warm
how to use a french press

Several types of French presses

Depending on the material used to make the case:

  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Pottery
  • Plastic
  • Fom stainless steel

But the differences can not only be in the material, but also in the device. For example, some appliances may have strong double walls.

how to use a french press

Top Models

Today in the market there is a large selection of French presses. Therefore, it is quite difficult to navigate in such a wide range of devices. Our assessment will help you choose the most suitable model.


French presses from Bialetti are of high quality and are known to consumers. One of the key benefits of the device is the presence of durable and reliable handles.

Bialetti Coffee Maker


Danish brand Bodum offers its customers a wide range of units of different colors and volumes. The units are comfortable to use and durable.

Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker


Despite the fact that this brand is Chinese, it has a pretty good reputation. French presses from this manufacturer are not only functional and practical, but also attractive from an aesthetic point of view.

Tescoma Teo Tea/ Coffee Maker, 1.0 Litre

Selection criteria

how to use a french press


It is quite difficult to choose a high quality French press that will fully perform its functions and it will also serve you for quite some time. That’s why when you buy a device, pay particular attention to some points.

  • First of all, experts recommend buying a French press only for those brands that have already managed to prove the quality of their products and have a good reputation. We talked about them over.
  • It is important to pay attention to the reliability of mounting the bulb inside the unit. If it staggers or is not strong enough, the purchase of such a device should be abandoned.
  • Analyze the appearance of the flask. It should be done quite high quality. Consider the condition of the glass: there should be no scratches, chips and other damage.
  • Make sure the network, which acts as a filter, is close enough to attach to the flask. It should move gently and smoothly, without any jerks.
how to use a french press

Recommendations for use

To enjoy the delicious drink that you prepared with the help of a French press, it is necessary to follow a number of simple rules during the operation of the unit.

  • Use only coarse grains to brew coffee. The fact is that the filter from the French press will not be able to keep the coffee, which is painted too fine. Thus, the drink will not be clean and homogeneous, but will have a sediment.
  • It should brew a lot of coffee that you can drink at a time. If the drink is left in a French press for a long time and brew for a long time, it becomes bitter and unpleasant in the taste.
  • Don't be too keen on using the plunger - do not squeeze all the liquid to the last drop.
  • In order to wash the unit thoroughly, it must be disassembled, and after washing it must be properly fitted. Kettles can be washed both manually and in a dishwasher (this should however be a separate mark in the user manual and installation).
  • As mentioned above, a French press can be used both for making tea and for making coffee. But if you are planning to make different drinks, then it is better to use different units for this. Otherwise, it may be an unpleasant taste and smell from another drink.
how to use a french press

Thus, we have considered all the features, benefits and disadvantages of such a popular device designed to brew hot drinks, such as a French press. Today, a similar device can be found in almost every kitchen. It is very popular among the younger, as well as the more mature generation. It allows you to quickly and easily prepare a tasty drink for yourself, households and guests.

To learn how to make coffee using a French press, see the next video.