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They say that the quality of a cupIt depend on the type of coffee bean, how strong the coffee is made and the size of the cup. In the table below you will find an overview of the amount of caffeine per type of coffee. of coffee will immediately improve if the time between grinding the coffee beans and brewing is as short as possible. You can, of course, go to your local espresso bar for that perfect cup of coffee, but that will quickly add up in terms of costs. And then we are not even talking about the inconvenience that you cannot enjoy it at home on the couch. That is why coffee grinder comes in very handy at home.

With a coffee grinder at home, you can also experiment with different ways of making coffee. For example Electric Spice coffee grinder, you can make a grind for a delicious espresso, or how about a cup of coffee made with a coffee. That is already a completely different taste sensation. Without a coffee grinder, you have to buy two different types of ground coffee. If you own a coffee grinder, you simply turn the grinding grade from fine to coarse or vice versa and enjoyment can begin.

We can imagine that there are different types of coffee beans. Maybe you fall under the starting coffee drinker or under the real coffee purist, or somewhere exactly in between. In these cases, the demands that you place on a coffee grinder are of course very different. A coffee purist may go for a luxury model with a very precisely adjustable grinding degree, while a coffee drinker who is already enjoying a cup of filter coffee may not consider these requirements important at all. 

Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder

Baratza is a well-known brand among real coffee lovers. The brand specializes in coffee grinders and has established its name among international baristas. Baratza produces coffee grinders that are suitable for the professional world and for the coffee fanatic who likes to experiment with a good cup of coffee at home.

This Baratza Encore has a holder for coffee beans and has a capacity of 250 grams. From this holder, you can start grinding in a continuous mode, for example when you want to grind a large volume of beans. You can do this easily with a rotary knob on the side. The ground beans end up in the tray at the bottom of the device.

To grind a smaller volume of coffee beans, for example for one cup that you want to put in the coffee holder or for example a filter, you use the button on the front. If you keep the button pressed, the machine starts grinding. If you release the button, the device stops immediately. This way you can easily grind a certain volume of beans. You can easily take out the drip tray and drop the ground coffee into the piston or filter.

Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Whether you want to grind beans for a cup of coffee prepared with a cafetière, for which you use a coarse grind, or want to use a fine grind for an excellent espresso, this Encore has 40 different grinding positions. From extra coarse for a soft cup to very fine for extra powerful espresso. The grinding discs are the best of its kind, namely conical burr discs. These ensure that the most optimal aroma can be released during grinding. These disks, and the high-end motor that ensures that the revolutions do not exceed 450, keep the beans cool during the grinding so that a bitter taste to the coffee is prevented. The noise during grinding is also limited as much as possible in this way. Mind you, grinding beans always makes noise and you will never be able to find a device without any kind of noise during grinding.

  • Grinding large and small volumes
  • Has 40 grinding positions
  • Conical grinding discs
  • High end motor
  • Noise reduction
  • Grinding degree not continuously adjustable
coffee grinder
coffee grinder

Bodum Bistro Coffee Grinder - Available in different colors and with timer function

Bodum is a well-known Danish brand, founded in 1944, but since 1991 mainly known for the iconic Chambord cafetière. The brand focuses primarily on products related to coffee and tea and can be recognized by, among other things, the cheerful colors in Scandinavian style.

This Bistro coffee grinder is available in four colors. With the red or green coffee grinder, you can still add a little color to the kitchen if you wish. Are you more of the basic colors, go for timeless black or white. If you already have a number of Bodum items in such a color, match your coffee grinder flawlessly for a completely coordinated kitchen image.

With a capacity of 220 grams, you can easily store your coffee beans on top of the device. With the reservoir, you turn the mill to the desired grinding degree. You have a choice of ten positions and you can adjust them continuously. The coffee grinder grinds fine enough for a good espresso and can also be very coarse, suitable for your coffee. The cones are made of stainless steel so that they do not get hot during grinding. This ensures optimum flavor extraction.

Bodum Bistro Burr Grinder

You can easily start the grinding process with the on / off switch. You can set the desired amount of coffee by setting the timer at the top of the device.
The ground coffee then immediately falls at the bottom of the glass receptacle. Because the drip tray is made of glass, the coffee does not become static, as can be done with a plastic tray. As a result, the coffee does not “jump” out of the bin.

  • Available in multiple colors
  • Ten times
  • Conical burr
  • Timer
  • Glass tray
  • Timer max 20 seconds

Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

Cuisinart is an originally American brand. The name of the brand says it all, but it mainly focuses on kitchen appliances, both non-electric and electric.

With a full reservoir of 225 grams, you grind for up to 14 cups of coffee with this DBM-8 . You can also do this very easily with the help of the display, from which you can also easily read all the settings. With the timer function, you exactly grind the amount for your desired number of cups of coffee and the grinding automatically ends up in the drip tray after the grinding process.  After grinding, simply put all parts in the dishwasher if you want, because everything is dishwasher safe brush is also included for cleaning coffee between the discs.

The mill is equipped with conical grinding discs that do not get hot during grinding. This way the taste extraction is optimal and the coffee does not get a bitter taste. You can easily adjust the grinding degree and you can choose from 18 different grinding positions. The grinding grade is fine enough for a simple espresso, but don’t expect super-fine grinding that is suitable for all espresso machines.

Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

This Cuisinart coffee grinder does very well what it was made for. For home use for a filter coffee or simple espresso, it is therefore a great device. Are you looking for a bean grinder without too much fuss, for a nice price, then this DBM-8​ is a good match for you.

  • Brush supplied
  • LCD display
  • Timer function
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Coffee is static

Coffee Grinder Electric Spice Grinder

You can purchase this Electric Spice bean grinder for a very reasonable price and enjoy a real fresh coffee from now on. Because this coffee grinder has only one grinding position, it is only suitable for grinding coffee beans that will be used for a filtering device.

The use of the machine is very simple. At the top of the machine, you can stop up to 75 grams of coffee beans. Then press the lid and the machine automatically starts grinding. If you think you have enough ground coffee, you release the lid and the machine stops grinding again.

You can easily follow the grinding process through the transparent lid. The grinding is done by means of blades, not a conical high flyer in this case. The machine also gets quite warm after a while grinding and then needs to cool down.

Coffee Grinder Electric Spice Grinder

Are you looking for a cheap, simple device that provides you with a fresh coffee grind for your filter device on a daily basis, then look no further. Electric Spice is definitely recommended for single or double person households. It may lack a number of features, such as grinding discs, but it will still make your filter cup better than with a pre-ground coffee. So try it out!

  • Cheap
  • Easy operation
  • Grinding process to follow
  • Blades, not disks
  • Small reservoir
  • Machine becomes warm
  • Difficult cleaning

Buying guide

So you are looking for a way to make your coffee taste even better? Then you are indeed in the process of thinking about purchasing a coffee grinder. The shorter the period from grinding to brewing, the better the taste.

But how difficult it can be to make the right choice in this story because there are so many things to think about. You may already realize that when you delve into the world of coffee grinders, it is not only about the details of the grinders in themselves, but that it also becomes a very technical story.

There is plenty of talk about taste extraction, lead time, burrs and we are not even talking about all the different brewing methods with associated grinding consistency. This makes it a difficult subject and as a result of people soon cannot see the forest for the trees.

In this buying guide, we try to help you make a choice. We, therefore, go through the various details of the coffee grinders step by step. It is up to you to decide which detail is important to you and which is not at all.


Some coffee grinders work with a simple on/off button. The cheapest models often work with a pressure system, with which you press on the top to activate the grind. Some models work with a timer system, with which you choose the desired number of cups of coffee and the device automatically grinds these for you. The more expensive models often work with an on-demand system, with which you press a piston under the outlet and thereby activate the grinding. This makes it easy to grind fresh beans for every cup.

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